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The 2020-21 school year is sure to be different than anything we've ever experienced!
Let's make it the best year we can!
Below is information you need to know to make it a good one. 
There will be kinks along the way, but don't worry..we're in this together!
Have questions? We are here for you:

Class schedule issues
- contact your counselor 
IT Issues -
contact our CIS
Wellness and
Aeries Log-in
A - F  -    909 971 8377 ext 8880 information and resources call Ms. Pena 
G - N -   Click here for (909) 971-8230 x3054
O - Z -      
General questions - Call the front office - (909) 971-8230 and press "0"
Student/Parent FAQ's for Distance Learning -
Bell Schedule new
Unless you have a Zero period, your day starts at 8:00 am 
Sign in to your class by 7:55 so you aren't late!
Click here for Canvas instructions to get to your classrooms
If you need extra help or have to meet with a teacher after class, go to Differentiated Instruction.
          Don't be late to class!!
Early is on time! On time is Late!
Attendance and Discipline:

Disciplinary Measures for Attendance

San Dimas High School understands the importance of attendance as a means to support classroom instruction and the education for all students.  Below is the disciplinary actions that will be taken with regards to attendance:
  • 1-3 Partial Participation/Absences =   Call home by attendance
  • 4 Partial Participation/Absences =   Referral to Counseling
  • 5 Partial Participation/Absences =   Referral to Administration/Home Visit
  • 6 Partial Participation/Absences =   Detention Assigned/“N” in Citizenship and a letter warning sent home
  • 8 Partial Participation/Absences =   Detention Assigned/“U” in Citizenship
  • 9 Partial Participation/Absences =   2nd Letter of Warning Sent
  • 12 Partial Participation/Absences =   3rd Letter Sent and School Attendance Review Team (SART) scheduled and Attendance Contract Assigned

Disciplinary Measures for Behavior

San Dimas High School believes in teaching students appropriate behaviors to be used on campus.  If a student is needed to be held accountable for their actions, staff will proceed with the following measures:
  • 1st offense: Call home by teachers and offense recorded in Aeries
  • 2nd offense (and 3rd offense, if DI):  Referral to an administrator and communication by administration
  • 3rd offense:  1-hour Detention Assigned
  • 4th Offense:  Call home by teachers, offense recorded in Aeries, and Parent/Teacher/Student/Administrator Conference
  • Additional offenses:  Additional consequences may include a home visit, suspension, expulsion, student contract, and Behavior Reflection Intervention assignment

Administrators Alpha Distribution
Students with last names beginning with
Administrator Email
Mr. Nance
Mrs. Kear
Mrs. Henriquez-Pulido